General Contractors

Organizing residential construction or a home renovation involves precision, dedication and experience. Your general contractor is the leader of this entire process. As the construction leader, the GC takes every step to ensure that all subcontractors and workers are on task and up to par throughout the entire construction process. In order to find a contractor who is capable of handling this type of responsibility starts with choosing a home design company of the highest caliber.

Find a Contractor in West Vancouver

This is where Goldwood Homes steps into the scene. As a leading home renovation and residential construction firm in West Vancouver, Goldwood Homes has proven industry experience in managing construction projects. We have won several awards in the industry for our outstanding designs, which you can peruse in our gallery. Let our team of professional general contractors organize your custom home project or residential renovation. Contact Goldwoods Homes now to get the ball rolling!

Home Renovation Contractor

When it comes to renovating a home, there are several aspects that can provide a challenge with this type of construction. First of all, the existing structure has its own history. Some of this could jeopardize the entire project, such as through the discovery of mold or live insects hidden within the walls of a home. Secondly, home renovation projects require maintaining the structural integrity of a house. Making drastic changes without considering this can lead to a home that is renovated, yet unsafe for occupancy. This is why you need to hire a general contractor, as available through Goldwood Homes. Prevent costly and life threatening damage from ruining your renovation. Let Goldwood Homes handle the heavy work.

Leading General Contractor

Whether you are building a luxury home or a custom design, you need a contractor in charge who will ensure that all aspects of the project are on task with your home design. As plans may evolve or need to be changed midstream your general contractor needs to be someone who is willing to handle this type of change without compromising the integrity of your design. Goldwood Homes has been in the home construction and renovation business since 1986. Throughout that period this team of general contractors, designers, drafters and builders has built up a business that is highly reputable in Vancouver. See what Goldwood Homes’ team can do for you on your upcoming construction project by contacting our design team today!